Is this a Marc Jacobs canvas bag? And where can I get it?

  1. I need some more canvas bags, and I saw this one, that I really like in a blog

    but is it really a Marc Jacobs? Does it have a name? And where can I get it?

    I am really clueless about Marc Jacobs stuff, so I dont know where to start looking, lol.

    Can't find it on though.

    Any advice that you can give me would be greatly apprechiated!
  2. Is it a Marc Jacobs canvas co-worker has it. She purchased hers from the MJ store in Boston. My suggestion is to call an MJ store to inquire about it. I believe I saw it in this month's Elle, listed at $15.

    Good luck!
  3. LOVE that bag! Had no idea that it was in Boston! Awesome. Thanks for the tip.
  4. This may sound stupid...but who is AL?

    Cute bag!
  5. ^ I think it's Al Gore.

    the LA MBMJ didn't have any left when I was there last. The bag is cute!
  6. Thanks SuLi! Unfortunately I don't have a MJ store nearby. I guess it's not possible to buy it anywhere online?

    Does anyone know what different colours it comes in?
  7. OK, I feel like an idiot...of course it's Al Gore! I was like...who could it be...Al Sharpton?? And then the picture didn't look like him at's been a long Friday! :yes:
  8. ^^LOL marclover!! At least in that picture, I don't think it looks that much like Al either.
  9. those totes are only available at marc by marc stores, but you might be able to score one on eBay...
  10. LOL!!! I LOVE it! Ineed to get my hands on one!
  11. Definitely have seen a few of these on eBay. Good luck!
  12. doh! I didn't look at the picture closely, maybe it's not Al Gore?? Ugh, having flashbacks of his movie... gotta go save the world now.:p
  13. It is def Al Gore, I have the t-shirt, it's cute. I got weird looks when I wore in Paris, though
  14. I just bought the bag on eBay (it took me forever to find it for a reasonable price), I cant wait for it to arrive! Does anyone know if it has any pockets on the inside?
  15. ^ none of the canvas bags have any pockets on the inside. i wish they had sewn in at least a cell phone compartment.