Is this a Marc Jacob Stam?

  1. hi there marc jacobs experts, i'm a newbie at identifying bags, but was wondering if the metallic bag in the pic is a mj stam? if so, is it still available? i've looked online at Saks, Neimans, bergdorf, eluxury, net-a-porter, styledrops, Barneys, eBay, and just can't find this color.

    is it perhaps a few seasons ago? my sister really liked the bag on her friend and i wanted to see if i could find it for her here in the states.

    thank you!
  2. It looks like a Stam Hobo...although the color looks taupe and I'm not sure it ever came out in Taupe. Maybe it's a Mouse color Stam hobo?
  3. I think it's a mouse stam hobo too.
  4. i didn't realize the stam hobo was that big!
  5. That is a REALLY nice bag, I love it!

  6. next in NAME THAT MJ BAG!
  7. there's a mouse stam hobo on and
  8. thank you all! I'm going to ask about the authenticity of the bag in suli's post in the "authenticate this" thread.

    hope it is...thanks again.