Is this a "Lowball" offer from the buyer? Should I accept/decline it?

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  1. #1 Jul 20, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
    Is this a lowball offer from the buyer? Offer was $70 on a $130 priced item. I had just reduced the price over $30, making it a low $130 already. Buyer offered $70. Poshmark fees make that $60something. :yucky::shocked::amuse: I mean, really!??!!

    Should I decline the offer outright on Poshmark or let the offer expire? Would you accept or decline it?

    I don't think I want to decline it outright just in case that angers the potential buyer enough to buy it, receive it, ruin it, then request a return-- and I'm out the sale price and the item. :yucky:

    I listed the bag, then had a "flash sale" saying price is firm and just now reduced. I paid over $400 for the bag, used it few weeks, put it in the closet for a year, and it does have a few minor use marks from wear/storage. Comparable prices are more, but since it got a few little marks from wear/storage, I figured I would have a flash sale and clear inventory quickly.

    I don't think the asking price is unreasonable. I had another offer of $120 before-- but unfortunately my app wasn't notifying me of offers properly that day (I had just installed Poshmark then) so the offer expired. The item has 70+ likes, so it's not trashed or a bad deal-- but it is getting frustrating that it hasn't sold. I only listed it last month, so I'm sure I should just wait it out, but still. :sick:

    Surely someone doesn't expect another 30% off an already lowered price with comparable items equal to or less than that.

    Would you accept/decline? Would anyone block such a rather lowball bidder, or at least ignore?
  2. Maybe counter offer with a price you're more comfortable with. Then the buyer can either accept, decline, or counter again. I get lots of lowball offers too. I usually counter if the offer is on the low side, but I sometimes outright decline or ignore if the offer is insultingly low.
  3. Don't get insulted by low offers. Just counter back what you want and see if they respond.
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  4. What do you have to lose by making a counter???
  5. Many buyers don't follow sellers for weeks noting the ups and downs of their prices.

    She doesn't know if or that you reduced the price already. She may not even know what retail is. Chances are she did some comparison shopping but either accept, reject or counter but don't assume there's a history of her knowing your original price.
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  6. Maybe she didn't realize how much the price was reduced, very true. I did put in the listing that it was a flash sale, price reduced, etc.

    Turns out the bidder has the same item in another color in their store. For $175. They offered me $70 for mine... and mine's in the same condition, same model, just a different color.
  7. I declined the offer last night. I would never offer that low on an item to someone else, even though I like a deal. Asking for $50 off a low $100s item is just excessive to me. I should've countered to a reasonable amount just to see if I could make a sale, but decided to just decline.

    Buyer bid back a second time today, $5 more. :confused1:

    LOL. I think I'll let the 2nd offer just expire on it's own. :shocked:

    If I countered, it would be for $5 or $10 off-- not $50 off, and that would mean I lowered my original price in more than half. Poshmark fees would make that $70 something offer net me $60something on a $400 bag rarely used, when this bidder has the same bag same condition listed for $175 in their store. I doubt the bidder would accept since they only raised their offer $5, and I'd rather just wait for a reasonable buyer. I'd use it as a gym or grocery bag before I'd take $60something. I don't think I'd ever make it in sales... I don't have the patience to go back and forth with lowballers and price haggle.

    The bidder has the same item, just a different color, in the same condition for $175 in their closet/store.
    Guess it's a reseller just hoping for a deal where they can double their profits by lowballing my already low price.
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  8. In that case, I also would have declined and blocked. (Can you block on PM?)
  9. Sounds like I would just ignore too, she knows the value if she has one in similar condition listed. It's too bad they don't have an auto-decline for under a certain amount like eBay? (I am unfamiliar with Posh.) A couple of weeks ago I received an offer of $200, then $300, then $400 (all auto-declined) and then a message reading "well what's your lowest?" It was a Chanel WOC priced around $2K obo - some people just don't deserve a response. :smile: I also find that buyers who I have let score a ridiculously amazing deal with me, just to get it off my hands, can sometimes remain nit-picky/high maintenance/worried throughout the whole process. They're not all that excited about getting the bag. Why buy if you don't REALLY want it? Why not be thankful and appreciative that I gave you a gorgy like-new authentic item at 1/2 off, you know? I'm at a point where I prefer to only deal with serious buyers who are fair and know what they want, or I'll just consign/keep.
  10. Based on your price, I'd say her offer is too low. You can counter with a firm price that you are willing to accept and tell her it's the lowest you will go.
    Honestly, I never expect anyone to accept more than 20% off their asking.

    But, it's up to you, of course!
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  11. This^^^^^
  12. Thanks folks, 20% off or less is what I'd expect from someone too. I would feel awkward if I bid $50 lower than someone's asking price for a cheap item. I can't imagine people bidding a few hundred on a few thousand $ items. I guess people are just dreaming and hoping someone is desperate enough to take such an absurd lowball.

    Poshmark does let you block people. :smile: I haven't blocked this person so far, I'm just ignoring it. If they keep lowballing, I'll block them in a day or two.

    This person has raised there offer another $10 again.

    Last week I had someone bid $5 on a $10 item-- that Poshmark takes $3 off from that. The description on that $10 item said I had just reduced the price in half, from $20, that day. That was on a set of something I paid $80 for, used maybe once if that, and put in the closet. That 50% off bidder I blocked.

    I'm glad I'm not out of line for wanting to hit that "block" button on lowballs, and at least ignoring those things.

    Good point about lowballers easily being overly picky and a pain the entire process. I wouldn't be surprised if a lowballer would find fault and try to get a discount after receiving the item and nit pick about everything.
  13. One thing to be aware of and someone may have already said this, is when people want to pay very little but then finally agree to pay more than they want, they can become a hassle at the back end. They'll sometimes say this wasn't in the condition promised to get a partial refund. I'd say if you have a person who's intent on paying less than you want, go ahead and block them. Save yourself the heartache.
  14. Agree here..This is a tactic & buying pattern many buyers use to get the item for the price that they initially offered or want to pay
  15. I cannot even imagine doing this, but I've read about it enough times here to know it's a thing.