Is this a lot? Help!

  1. Ok I am holding my breath that the stores will not sell out of the Carly Sig with Gold trim before the PCE starts. I asked around. There are 3 stores in walking distance from my office. One is sold out, the other 2 list it as having 7 in stock each. One looked up the bag for me and told me Coach has listed just over 100 in stock - I guess at the main warehouse? So what should I do? Do you think this amount of bags will last 7-10 days?
  2. I would go in on the very first day that PCE starts and order; or even go in a few days and pre-order so that the morning of PCE, your order will be put through.

    Good luck! I have a feeling you will get your Carly.
  3. i love my gold carly!!! do go in the first day of presale and order it!!!!