Is this a limited edition bag?

  1. Hi!! Does anyone know if this bag is a limited edition bag? I thought I read somewhere that it is but I'm not sure. I just bought this at the outlet today. I love the red color on this bag!

    Hamptons Signature Stripe Medium Carryall #11071

  2. its a cute bag and I am not sure if it is or not! Nice choice
  3. I don't *think* it's LE but I could be wrong.. either way it is gorgeous :yes: congrats, post pics! :tup:
  4. I tried uploading my picture but it said the file is too big. I'm not sure how to make it smaller but I'll keep trying! :smile:
  5. Ok I hope this works. I tried attaching the picture.
  6. I have one similar, it's nice, how much was it?
  7. It was $250.
  8. VERY cute :yes: :tup: :yes: Yours looks a little different than the drilldown pic.. I love the pop of red, great for every season, congrats! :tup:
  9. That bag is SUPER cute! Enjoy!