Is this a legitimate seller of Designer Bags?

  1. Hi ladies

    Has any one heard of

    My husband found them and they claim to sell 100% authentic handbags. They offer a 100% merchandise satisfaction guarantee and state that all tags, care booklets supplied with the item depends on what the individual designer provides. Therefore saying in other words that they are legit.

    This company hasn't come up on my own internet searches when I've been hunting for the Mulberry Elgin in oak. I can't find it here in Sydney. One of our department stores stocks the black only and there is no Mulberry store in Sydney. :sad:

    can anyone authenticate this one for me please? :confused1:

    I don't know whether I should email Mulberry to confirm whether this is a registered seller of their product.

    Any guidance or comments are appreciated!!
  2. Sorry ladies. i posted this message in the wrong place. Also found the other posts about this seller.
  3. ooh is this legit?!
  4. fake. :sick: