Is this a legit site?

  1. I don't think so..prices are WAY too cheap. Looks like they took pictures from authentic sites like and
  2. It says all of their handbags are purchased direct from the Gucci factory as slightly imperfects.
    These are the bags that are used for displays or that never made it to the Gucci store to due some slight imperfection. The most common imperfections are a missed stitch or some other small flaw of that nature.. Is there any way we could find out it their real?
  3. That's a typical line sites that sell fakes will give customers. They'll say they have imperfections, were rejects, etc. but its just a way to get people to believe their stories. A minor imperfection wouldn't call for THAT big of a discount. I know, as an example, even at the Coach outlets, the bags are still only about $100 of retail, if that. I just don't buy that a wallet would be only $60 and the bags would be only about $200 when they're normally about $700.
    The one thing I REALLY don't like is how they have pictures of bags from other websites..those are the exact same pictures, same background, same everything that I've seen on the Neiman Marcus website.
  4. Absolutely, 100% fake
  5. Also, after reading their FAQ, it says they're a wholesaler...designer bag companies do NOT do yeah, I'd definitely stay away.
  6. How do these sites get away with doing this? It should be against the law and they should be shut down..
  7. Yeah it's really hard to get them shut down. There's a stipulation in the Internet Privacy Act somehow that says that employees of certain places may not visit certain sites...for example, a Gucci employee could not visit that site you posted and in order to deem the bags fake, they'd need a Gucci employee/manager etc. to look at them. I hate how they get around's horrible.
  8. If Gucci doesnt do wholesale, How do they sell the items that do not sale or that are last years items?
  9. Well the pass them onto their own outlet stores and keep them there for quite awhile. Or if they're in Neiman's/Saks, they put them on sale there, then pass the remainders onto the outlet stores.
  10. At Gucci outlets... I know there's one in Palm Springs, CA
  11. Oh ok. Yeah I was just at the outlet in Cabazon close to Palm Springs, but their prices were still pretty high, and I didnt see much i liked..
  12. Actually, that so-called Internet Privacy Act that these fake sites always cite doesn't even exist. I don't know why they put that disclaimer on their site. Are they trying to scare people?
  13. Fake!!!