Is this a large zippy???

  1. This one looks like the large size which is bigger than the regular satchel, it doesn't look like "huge" though.
    I personally love this style, just saw it in store and I'm concidering it in other colour :graucho:
  2. I also think it's the large!
    And completely wonderful!!

    Eliz*Thomas is a great selling to work with too.
  3. thanks sooo much!! I'm new to Chloe.. and I absolutely love the paddy.. it's such a beautiful bag.. I want to buy a good used one.. but don't know which color to choose.. I love the ivory/craie and the chocolat! What do you guys think??? ;)
  4. I also think it's the large size and looks beautiful in chocolate! :yes: Personally I prefer Chloe's blanc/craie/sable shades to any other color but chocolate is definitely one of my favorites! :love: Are you looking to carry the paddy all year? Is your climate warm or cool?
  5. Yea, it is warm.. tropical actually, all year round .. I live in Puerto Rico.. So i think I could wear it all year..
  6. I just bought it in black noir which looks grey. 17" is the large bag I believe.
  7. Woo hoo! Did you get the one off eBay??

    Can't wait to see pics of you carrying it :flowers:

  8. It's definitely the large size and it looks reallly large IRL too.
  9. ok, so i guess it the medium one would be better..
  10. Depends on how much you carry!! :nuts:
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