Is This A Knockoff of Something? So Cute!

  1. I have ordered from this site twice. Once I placed the order online, and once I called to place because I had questions. They answered right away & were great! There is a 25% off coupon right now & they'll take that over the phone as well.
  2. They sell authentic bags so you shouldn't have a problem. Check out the deals and steals forum for the coupon code.
  3. It is super cute indeed!
  4. where's the coupon for this? Didn't see it on the site or on the deals and steals page when someone mentioned it yesterday.
  5. It is fall25 - good on NON sale items only till 10/21:smile:
  6. Thanks for the code! I am going to order the bag, since I have never heard of the designer, I will let you all know how it looks irl
  7. Thanks for the code!
  8. Which bag are you looking at? When I clicked the link, it took me to a page with a lot of bags. The large picture at the top of the page was off a Marc Jacobs bag. Marc Jacobs bags are fabulous.
  9. My Gryson woven Skye that I ordered from the pursestore arrived today, and it's 100% authentic. They always answer their phones and make every effort to answer questions. I was very impressed. Great CS.