is this a keepers??? **PICS ALERT**

  1. i went to SCP again yesterday! visited 2 LV booths and the boutique! i was there from 1pm till 6pm. you guys can see how indecisive i was with my purchase! [​IMG]i thought i was going to cheat on LV by purchasing the ferragamo long wallet (in metallic! it was only $340!) that held 7 CCs and had lots of space for receipts, etc. i went to the ferragamo store 3 times!

    nevertheless...i saw the new eugenie wallet, it's TDF..but i feel i already have the original plan was to get a summer wallet so i was looking at the mini lin zippy wallet in dune, pomme vernis zippy wallet, damier azur zippy wallet, and the rest of the pomme wallets...couldn't pick either! the zippy wallet is too "thick" (width-wise) for me IRL! my other goal of going to SCP was to pick a mother's day present for my friend...her mom came with us and we tried on the batignolles, popincourt haut, damier saleya PM, and the belem PM. she liked the popincourt haut but several people (including me and her daughter) commented that she looked more "active" and "young" with the batignolles [​IMG]..hence she ended up with the batignolles.

    ok, back to me..this is getting really long. i ended up not fulfilling my desire for a summer wallet, and ended up with my all-time favorite, but held back due to other purchases. im still hesistant about this..should i keep it because it's in the same print as my other 2 wallets? i love the chain...and also asked the SAs whether i could buy the extra chain and they said they dont sell the chain separately!

    *SO not looking :sneaky:* PS: there was this french SA...who was speaking in french to french customers...he looked kinda cute..and awww...definitely SEXY for a SA to spleak in french when describing LV bags to customers!!! i kept going back to him! him and his awfully sexy french accent....he was also so polite! european men...omg~~~~~:drool:

    keepers or not? let me know!!!!!!!!! please welcome....*Drumroll*

  2. [​IMG]
    collage1.jpg collage2.jpg collage3.jpg collage5.jpg collage4.jpg
  3. Ooooooooh, I just love your Damier family of wallets! Definitely a keeper in my book! Congrats!!
  4. [​IMG]
    i also wanted to add my new summer necklace! [​IMG]
  5. Congrats Rensky, looks like a keeper to me too. Love your necklace too! French man huh..:graucho:
  6. LOVE it! Damier just looks sooo good on wallets- I'd venture to say even better than mono; I'd keep it!
  7. hey! how have you been?
    french man... :girlsigh:
    do you think i need some "color" in my wallet collection?

  8. congrats! love it
  9. I love it!! Too cute!!
  10. Super hot!! I loooove your accordeon! I <<will>> own it at some point in my life!

    Damier rules! :p
  11. Lovely!! Sure is a keeper!
  12. I say a keeper too! :yes:
  13. I love it!! The little gold chain is soooo cute!!! KEEP it:love:
  14. def a keeper!congrats
  15. Awesome purchases :smile: congrat's.