Is this a Jumbo flap? Or Med/Large? Help!

  1. For some reason the Jumbo flap looks different in all the photos I've seen it in....i looove the way it looks in this photo. Is this a Jumbo? If so, it's perfect! :shame:

  2. looks like a jumbo to me
  3. Mumbo Jumbo :yes:
  4. i think its a jumbo too, but i have also seen other pictures of Molly Sims with a medium caviar w/ gold hardware so... maybe she has both?
  5. hahahaaaa........yes! it must just look ginormous in some photos due to the models' petite frames...
  6. This is the jumbo (straps are longer than the medium)
  7. yup, it is a jumbo, which we can see from its chains~~~~~~~~
  8. jumbo. of course it looks huge on me since i'm short, lol.
  9. Yes, that make it hard to tell unless there is something else in the picture to help you determine the scale of the purse.
  10. yes it's a jumbo:yes:
  11. Are you referring to size or the over-all look of the bag? ...Because Ashley Tisdale is 5'3 and Molly Sims is 5'9. -So that could lead to the bag looking proportionally different on both of them. i.e. the Jumbo on Ashley Tisdale would definitely look more "jumbo-ish" than on Molly Sims, who is a lot taller. HTH -if that's what you meant ;)
  12. ^^ yeah that's what im thinking, but somehow the CC lock on ashley's looks proportionately smaller relative to the overall bag than on molly sims.....but now im thinking it's prob just the angle....

    gosh, i should just go to the store and take a look at it myself! i hope black caviar w/gh is still widely available..
  13. this is a jumbo, you can tell by the length o fthe flap too~
  14. Yup:yes: gold is widely avail. right now, the silver hardware not so much right now.