is this a joke? inferno BV for $499!!

  1. What are they thinking? :shocked:
  2. It has to be a typo because I looked at the other toki listings and they're closer to a normal price range, although a bit on the pricey side.
  3. Remember there was one seller who had unbelievable prices a few weeks back? Could this be the same one?
  4. I guess they made a mistake because now it says it's $139.99.
  5. They were placeholders because eBay had a listing discount for one day only. By making the prices unbelievably high, the seller guaranteed no one would disturb the listing, which may be altered to become a listing for another item.
  6. ha thats a smart thinking :biggrin: I see some of your stuff on eBay...if thats you..:biggrin:
  7. ^^Wow! So that's it!!!
  8. OK, that makes sense. Two nights ago that seller had something like 30 of those listed at $499 and I was scratching my head.:wtf:
  9. I wish I had done that :sad: I have more stuff I want to sell... and I'm thinking of just replacing my other auctions :lol:
  10. ah, makes total sense. i guess i'm not that ebay saavy. actually, i try to stay away from there. although i did buy my first toki on ebay, which was before i realized there were so many fakes out there. luckily, i did buy an authentic one. phew!
  11. haha I just stole two of my bfs listings and changed them into tokidoki ones... wee more tokidoki :smile: