Is this a joke? $10,000 pants? Come on!

  1. This is hilarious...when I was cruising the sales on Neiman Marcus, I saw this pair of pants from Nina Ricci. Look at the price......regular $10,000 and on sale for $2,997. For fun I emailed Bergdorf and confirmed that yes, that is the price.

    YIKES. That is sooo ridiculous. :roflmfao:
  2. They look nice, but I'd never pay $10,000 for them! Even the sale price is ridiculous :wtf:
  3. They look great, BUT $10,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :nogood::nuts:
  4. Whoa - I would understand it if they were diamond encrusted, but $10k for "ordinary-looking" pants? yikes!
  5. If it is super duper leather it would be worth the price or fur even.... not worth $10,000 for materials that is less sturdier than leather.
  6. That's just ridiculous!
  7. :wtf::nogood::hrmm:
  8. Just gimme a birkin please!
  9. :wtf: Jeez!
  10. EXACTLY.
  11. OMG! Those had better be some life changing pants for that price!
  12. There must be a reason for it....
  13. guarantee for 10000 years? maybe...
    yeah, even the sale price is :tdown:
  14. I think I have a pair from old navy that look like
  15. be blunt and straight to the point-

    That's ridiculous and stupid.