Is this a hopeless cause???

  1. I REALLY want a brown caviar cabas (or modern chain, but that's my second choice) and they are obviously not available through regular means...leaving eBay and consignment shops as my only hope. I have a matte black luxury tote that I would need to sell to offset the price, but don't want to sell it if finding a brown caviar cabas will be impossible. If able to find one, I'd really like not to spend more than $2,250- is that impossible too??? (I'd be more than happy with a used one)

    Any opinions- is this a lost cause and I should keep what I have or do you think I will be able to find one and should sell mine now so when it pops up I can get it w/o feeling financially guilty???

    Also- has anyone seen one available anywhere that I've missed?? I'm sure it wouldn't last more than 30 seconds if anyone did know about one, but hope springs eternal!!
  2. I say move on to a different bag....too many people have the cabas now....get something unique.
  3. Have you thought about the cabas in a different color? Or maybe the denim cabas from SS2007 Act II that will be in the boutiques soon? Also there are brown versions of the VL tote and some others....
    Good Luck with your search!
  4. Thanks so much for all of the advice, I will be calling to check it out!
  5. Hey echo - if you are willing to give up your brown cabas dream, NM shows a navy blue caviar cabas in their spring catalogue for $1795. I just got the catalogue last night. Good luck!
  6. Jenny- I'm hopeful that's the one and am waiting for the seller to contact me...I have my fingers crossed!!!

    If I can't find one pretty soon, the navy is a definite option! I didn't realize it would be re-released in caviar this spring! I'm excited! Maybe they'll release brown again in fall...boy am I hopeful!

    Thanks so much for everyone's help!