Is this a high maintenance bag? Easy to care for?

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  1. Hi,

    I am about to proceed to purchase this bag (won it already) and want your opinions if this would be a high maintenance bag - not easy to care for? I asked so as my mom said it looked like I would have to use it carefully as the leather looks too supple and ceasy (if there is such a word). She said if you accidently ran your nails over the leather it would mark it. Please advise if you think this is a good buy or not? Would you buy it?

    Also want to know what model is this bag? Haven't seen it around but am in love with Doctor bags - just bought a LV speedy azur and a Gucci boston joy in the last 3 months. The lady says she guarantees authenticity as she bought it with her ex in NJ but just want to know if you guys think it is real? It's a money back guarantee and I would bring it to my local prada to authenticate it anyhow but if anyone knows now, that would be great. Haven't seen something like this before but feel in love with it. Love the color. What do you think?







  2. Well first off, welcome to the subforum! This is my second home. ;) More of these wonderful ladies will be able to chime in who have more experience than I do. Great bag for you espec if you like doctors bags. This color is more of a lighter brown so might be a little harder to maintain vs. darker colored bag. I have a toddler so this is a big no-no for me. I'm strictly into dark colored bags and more durable leather at this stage of his life.

    I know some ladies who treat their washed leather bags but do your research first. Also check out for more expertise on what kind of product to use if you decide to go that route.

    Prada boutiques won't authenticate any items for you. That's usual protocol for all brands although some have gotten away w/ it a time or two. I know a couple members who took their bags to Chanel and LV and were told bySA's if the bags were real or not. 9/10 they will not.

    I LOVE the leather lined interior and it's a great summer bag! If you love it and are going to use it then you made a wise choice!
  3. I hate to say this but it kinda looks fake to me! Hopefully someone else can help. Did the seller say when and where they bought it in NJ? I haven't seen that bag at Neimans or Garmany and I'm there on a regular basis.
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    Thanks for the link alouette. I have a 2 1/2 and a 7 month old so yes I know it can get dirty but I keep everything in little zip bags and travel pretty light. No unnecessary stuff like if you had a big diaper bag. I everything nicely in my other doctor bags and I think this would be a bigger bag although full leather is hard to maintain. I might save this for until they are a little older to use more often but I just love the color.

    Missyb, you are worrying me about it being a fake. Do you really think so? I haven't seen this bag either which first made me worried too. But the leather looks real good and finishing seems to look good to be a fake right?

    I have emailed the seller but she is on a business trip and would be a little slow to reply. I asked her where did she buy the bag exactly from and the retail price but have yet to hear from her.

    Anyone else on the authenticity?

    Her listing reads:

    It is made of supple beige color leather with silver hardware
    Interior is made of suede beige material
    Has a top closure with silver hardware clasps
    Comes with a lock key and dustbag
    Has two major interior pockets (one with zipper and one without)
    Has a metal protection base feet
    Approximate measurements: 16"L x 14"H x 8"W (top handles 7" drop)
    This bag has only been used once and it's still in very good condition, proud to say, it is brand new. There are no wear and tear signs on the bag. This is guaranteed authentic or your money back (no questions asked).

    PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal only.

    SHIPPING METHODS: Domestic will be shipped via USPS for $8 (insurance is additional). International will be shipped via airmail for $22.

    RETURN POLICY: If not satisfied with the item, Item must be shipped within 5 business days. Please send me a note and will refund your money minus the shipping incurred. Please be patient and give Paypal a couple of days to release the funds.

  5. Agree
  6. ^ sorry, but I think its fake also. I've never seen a bag like that and the logos inside and outside look off.
  7. Looks fake to me too...

    And I don't trust people who puts "Brand New" in the title and then says it has been used "once' in their listing...
  8. I'm sorry but I also think it's fake. Ask to see the authenticity cards.
  9. oh no. I am really worried now. Everyone here thinks it looks fake... :sad:
    Does it LOOK fake? Or because no one has seen this model around?
  10. I think judging from the pics, people here who are experienced in Prada think the bag looks like a little off like when cougess says the logos look a little strange.
  11. oh no. The logo isn't the exact prada logo? I thought it being off centered slightly could be just the phot shot. I am really worried now.

    I bought another prada doctor bag (if you saw my post about fakes on Ebay) and just found out it was a fake last week. Was so sure it was the real thing until I took it to the local Prada store and they put it side by side next to a similar jaquard version. I didn't think they (the fakers) would take such effort to fake an all leather piece plus it is an uncommon piece. I was hoping it was a special edition or something piece. What do you think?
  12. The best and safest approach is to have this (and all future purchases) authenticated here before you proceed to bid and/or pay. That will save a lot of heartache. I benefited a lot from the helpful authenticators here!
  13. how do I go about getting it officially authenticated?
    also anyone know how it works - if it is found to be a fake (authenticated here), can you use this and file it with Paypal to get your money back?

    By the way the seller has about 11 feedbacks and since 05 I think and 100% positive. Several sellers said that the bags were Authentic, nice bag for wife etc so I don't know if this seller is legit but looks ok.
  14. I am 99.9% sure that the bag is fake. I would tell the seller so and refuse to pay and say you will report her to ebay. Also, you need to be more careful in the future since this is the 2nd time you have been burned on ebay.