Is this a Hermes Lindy, what does it retail for?

  1. Hi, I am hoping someone give me an idea of how much this bag retailed for. I work for a company that consigns for some celebrities. I LOVE MY JOB, because I LOVE PURSES! We just received a Hermes bag, I think it is called the Lindy. The beautiful orange box came with ribbon that reads "2007 Shall We Dance...?" I want to put it on eBay and was thinking of starting it at $3500. is that too low, or too high? Any help would be appricated.

  2. Welcome Mary. Sounds like you enjoy your job.

    It looks like a chocolate brown swift leather Lindy. Depending on size (there is a 30, 34 and a larger travel one) retail pricing in boutiques start around $5,100-ish if I remember right after the recent increase in price.
  3. Beautiful bag!
  4. Thanks, I saw two types of leather on eBay. This one is smooth. It measures a bit under 12" across at the bottom of the bag.
  5. Sounds like it is the 30cm then. Swift is the smoother leather that Lindys come in. The bumpy textured leather is called Clemence but this doesn't look like Clemence.
  6. Thank you!
  7. u shoudl get it for yrself..:tup:
  8. i Would But My Christmas Present Was The Balenciaga City Bag. I Love It, Love It, Love It. My Niece Calls It My "rolo" Bag. We Have A Nice Chloe On eBay Right Now That's More My Style But I Love My Husband And It Would Be The End Of My Marriage!
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