Is this a Hermes Kelly

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  1. and if so, what size is it? Then I'll know what I need to save up for :nuts:

  2. That's a birkin.
  3. ah - can you see I don't know much about these lol? Is this a certain style/size? Thanks!
  4. it is a black (maybe togo as clemence leather is more slouchy) birkin probably a 30 or 35 size
  5. not bigger then a 30 (she's tiny).
    lilach, could it be chevre? togo is a good guess. gold hardware
  6. I've seen other photos of her carrying this, and I think it's a 35.
  7. she could have more then one, or be borrowing from madam zoe.
  8. well couuld be judging from the more stiff shape but i dunno i remind seeing a other pic of her with the bag an i missed the shine of chevre
    some more pics could help :flowers:
  9. [​IMG]

    Maybe it is a 30?
  10. They are either two different bags, the first a 30 and the second a 35, or else the pics are missleading, 'cause the second one looks bigger on her...
  11. they look close-ish to me. i think the sides being out like that make it look much bigger. she is so small, i really think it could be a 30
  12. considering she is as big as a paperclip, I think it is a 25cm:nuts: .... (just kidding, I believe a 30, ):yes: :lol:
  13. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  14. It seems like I read somewhere that she might have two, so perhaps there is a 30 AND a 35??!!! The first looks 30 and this last one 35 to me...
  15. LOL