Is this a healthy lunch menu or does it need improvement?

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  1. As some of you may have read in my last post, I get a lot of flack to loose weight from my family. I am committing to exercise more and eat healthy, but not to 'diet' as so many people do.

    I have tried to make a lunch menu for work this comming week. Can I get some advice on it? (below)

    Also, what is a natural 'unprocessed sugar'? I don't like artifiical sweeteners and know they are unhealthy, but white sugar isn't great either.


    DAY 1:
    Lean Sliced Ham
    Skim milk cheese (? Best possible)
    Sour Kraut
    Small amount of MAYO
    Mix all ingrediants together and eat with Whole wheat crackers/bread

    DAY 2:
    Whole wheat pasta
    Fresh tomato sauce
    Ground Deer or Turkey

    DAY 3
    Fajita Salad
    Sautéed chicken with crushed red pepper
    (Healthy tortilla?)
    Sour Cream
    Skim Milk Cheese
    Fresh tomato salsa

    DAY 4
    Sauteed Chicken with broccoli and onions
    Brown Rice
    A-1 Sauce

    DAY 5
    Sautéed Chicken
    Fresh tomato salsa
    Feta Cheese
    Fresh Cilantro
    Fresh Spinach leaves
    Vinegar ,Fresh lemon squeeze for dressing

    I will have the same or something very similar for dinner the previous night so I can prepare it for lunch. I don't mind repition in my food as long as I enjoy what it is that I'm eating. For breakfast I will have a combination of: egg, turkey bacon, or oatmeal.

    Now, for healthy snacks?

  2. I'm not a dietitian, but it looks like you are getting in fiber, veggies, protein, and healthy fats:tup:
  3. This seems pretty healthy to me. I would just be careful with dressings/sauces. For example if you have to use mayo then use low fat,I would stay away from sour cream and cheese as well.

    I use brown sugar...not sure if that is considered natural unprocessed but its healthy.
  4. im no dietitian either, but it looks like a good menu...just make sure to watch portion size. Even seemingly heathy food can be bad if you over eat. I was amazed when i looked up portion sizes for things...I realized that i had been eating 2x the normal portion size of nearly everything.

    good luck! seems like you're on the right track!
  5. ^ Yeah I've heard sugar-in-the-raw is a bit better b/c it is unbleached and unprocessed.

    Good point on the dressings - missme411- make sure to measure out the serving size so you keep it at portion control.
  6. honey and agave syrup are natural sweeteners.... everything looks healthy to me. Try to use whole grains whenever possible and again, beware of sauces(like the A1 sauce). they can add a lot of extra calories.

    snacks can be almonds or low fat yogurt.
  7. I checked the a-1. It is actually very low in calories. :yahoo: And I LOVE it! (On anything!)
  8. Looks good to me. Watch the calories on the mayo and cheese though.
  9. Also, be careful with the ground turkey as it can be deceiving. Sometimes, the turkey skin is ground up as well making the fat content much higher.
  10. I'm not a dietician either.
    Be careful with the mayo. I would either skip it and find a better replacement, or at least a healthier brand. Same with the dressings.
    Just make sure to read the labels of what you buy in the grocery store and you'll be fine.
  11. Overall I love the fact that you're eating all fresh foods and nothing processed.

    I'm not seeing any fruit? Fruit helps with sweets cravings, and has fiber -- it will help fill you up.

    Also -- how are you sauteeing the chicken? Are you using a lot of butter/oil?

    I also agree with the others that you should watch the cheese. Can you substitute low fat, non fat or cut down on portion size?

    Also -- I'm not sure about what portion size you're eating. Just like everything else, it's a matter of calories in/calories out. Even if you eat very healthy, you can derail your weight loss efforts if you eat too many calories.
  12. I'd also watch how much avocado you are eating as, even though a healthy fat, they are very high in calories.
  13. Are you also adding in some fruits? The menu looks pretty good to me other than it doesn't seem like there is much fruit.
  14. I am having my fruit with breakfast and as snacks. This morning I had a banana for breakfast (only because I was running behind after some treadmil time). I was hungry by the time I got to work, so I had a high fiber (EXTRA YUMMY!) chocolate chip granola bar. I was hungry again a few hours later and had some grapes. I am having Monday's Menu for lunch and have apple sauce and sugar free jello for afternoon snacks. Also drinking lots of water! (40 oz already today!)
  15. You could also try baking the chicken in lieu of sauteeing. I even bread mine before I bake it and it still comes in around 150 calories per breast.

    Instead of sour cream, try Fage greek tastes even BETTER to me, and for a fraction of the calories. You can also eat it with fruits or nuts or honey.