Is this a hard to find style?

  1. I really like this hobo. I saw someone with it today and I must have it. Does anyone know the official style name and its price? I've looked for it on many sites, and this is the only one that has it. Is this bag from a recent collection? if not, What collection was it from?

    here's a link to a pic:

    Marc Jacobs Quilted Chainlink Hobo at Bag Borrow or Steal™
  2. i've seen that style on some other websites as well, but not necessarily in the gold color. check out (mouse), (black, mouse)... has it on sale right now in cashew. (love this color!)

    Marc Jacobs Hobo Banana: The Purse Store

    happy shopping! :yes:
  3. Argh.. I just called some Bloomies in NY/NJ and they had this bag in green... I can't remember which store, but it was on sale for less than $600.
  4. thanks girls for your help! I'll try to post pics when i get the bag. :smile:
  5. ^ Good luck with your search...

    I just wanted to say that the hobo is really great, but that chain hurts a little bit. I had contemplated getting that same hobo earlier in the fall, but when I went to try it on with my things, I could tell that it would be uncomfortable for ME to carry (I carry a lot with me). Have you considered the same style, but with the leather strap? I know that the chain makes it very unique.
  6. I carried my petrol the other night, and I heard a piece of my hair snap off in the chain.. ouch! Never happened to me before, but my hair has gotten really long.