Is this a GREAT deal for a pink clutch?

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I need your help!

    Does anyone own this pink clutch and know what retail was and what season it is from? The site says that retail was $950.


    I think it is pretty cute! It is on sale brand new for $237.50 at a reputable online site (not eBay!)

    Is this a good price on this bag? What do you guys think about it? Should I get this style or is the bag too small to put anything in?

    The dimensions are W 8.5" x H 6.5" x D2".

  2. The retail on this was much lower than $950! I have this same style and it is great evening bag. I think it is from around spring/summer 2000.

    Since it would be difficult to find brand new, the price is ok, but I would not say it was a really great deal.
  3. i think it's very small..but it's cute..
  4. it's cute! pricey but hey if you like it, go for it!
  5. It looks great for an evening bag.
  6. I like it, very cute! But it looks a lot smaller than other clutches, but if you like it, go for it.
  7. if you have the means...go for are getting it for a great price
  8. It's cute, I like it.
  9. I think it's very cute - you can use it as a going out bag since it will only fit your essentials.