Is this a Grand Shopping tote?

  1. [​IMG]


    Is this the largest size and what would be the approx price? :love:

  2. It's called the large caviar tote. I just bought it in black for $1650.
  3. oh! How embarrassing to be photographed with your bag BACKWARDS! gasp! hehehehe :lol: (kidding!)
  4. wow that is a gorgeous bag! time to start saving!
  5. I think I found my next purchase....
  6. Yay! did you get it with silver hardware like you wanted?
  7. tell me about it- I want either this or a Cambon tote
  8. ^^No, they don't make it:cry:

    Isn't that ridiculous!:amazed:?
  9. Congrats!!!!!! I love that bag! :love::love::love: Post pics please.
  10. Hopefully I get it today or tomorrow. I bought it last Thurs but they didn't have it in store. They had to ship it from the warehouse :sad:
    A little anti-clamatic for a nearly $2 sale!
  11. I ahve pics posted under the handbags discussion section The thread is titled "my new purchases" Enjoy. I love this bag. It's classy and sassy w/ the chain.
  12. I just got mine and the sticker on teh box does indeed say Grand Shopping Tote.
    Weird that the Chanel tags and boxes don't jive!{?}
  13. i love that pink color!