Is this a good tokidoki print?

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  1. Personally, I like the characters more than the girls, but if you like the girls, it's a wicked placement :smile:
  2. Lol I don't think it should be about what all of us like, but how much you like the print placement on the bag. You sound like an eBay reseller when you talk like that. :shrugs: Or are you just talking about the print itself? The harder to find bags seem to be costing more now, but that's because they aren't available in stores anymore...
  3. "Good" placements are subjective. There is no universal good placement.
  4. Lol no! I wouldn't pay stupid eBay to sell my stuff, big rip off! Most of all, I love the girls!!! that's why I like this bag! lol!
  5. i like the placement but i like the girls so....
  6. Agreed! My perfect placement could easily be meh to a lot of people and vice versa.
  7. I agree, it's an awesome placement if you like the girls...which I don't. Blech!
  8. Yeah, for me it would be perfect because I actually love the toki girls...but for people who dislike the girls..they would say no. But, if you love it...then that's all that matters ^__^
  9. It's all a matter of preferences. I like having the girls on my bags.
  10. I like it..I have those 3girls on my tutti bv! if you like your bag that's all that matters...