Is This a Good Price?

  1. Hi, I am not an expert but my advice is to ask the more experienced members of this forum if the bag i authentic.
  2. I've already confirmed the authenticity -- just wanted to get feedback from other members if they thought the price was good and any history they knew about it.

  3. I think the bag looks great.

    I have no idea what the retail price is but its not that new (since the booklets are the old ones)...
    The style is good - they made similar ones last season (the square box shaped caviars with the leather handles. My wild guess is 1500 appx. retail
  4. It's a cute bag! In regards to price, like Yorelica said, it's hard to determine a present-day price for an older bag. I'd say that it's not overpriced for its condition. :smile:
  5. Um, I'm not sure about the price... but the bag is coming from Indonesia O_O, the shipping and the tax must be up there
  6. Did chanel ever made a care booklet like in the auction? Because if im not mistaken, I remeber read the burberry princess page and she said that everything with that booklet is fake..But I can be wrong..
  7. no that is not true.
    Older chanels have that gold booklet