is this a good price?

  1. is $136 shipped a good price for an inferno ciao, considering they are sold out at the outlets?(To the best of my knolwedge anyways)
  2. i'd say it is since it's close to retail - $120 - plus tax and such. If it's new, yeap, definitely go get it since it's no longer available.
  3. i think it's a little pricey, but if you like the placement and it's what you really want, it's okay..
  4. yep its NWT
  5. NWT, the placement you like, it's a great price b/c they retail for $120 and then if you had to pay tax + shipping, it's totally fair! :tup:
  6. yep, good deal, close to retail plus tax and NWT- good job!
  7. yah it's a good price :yes: My CR ciao from eBay was $132 shipped :smile:
  8. I agree- especially since its NWT and if you ordered it directly from LeSportsac they would have charged you tax and shipping. Go for it!
  9. I agree, since they are now sold out of the outlets and stores, $136 is probably a good price. I'm sure they will increase in price even more in the next few months like everything else that sells out. Go for it if it's the print placement/scene you want.:tup:
  10. Great. Thanks for your help girls:tup:
  11. haha i paid 160 for one :push:

    but i REALLY wanted it
    and i had the money anyways :]
  12. I agree. Plus even though they did sell at the outlets for less, Infernos are slowly getting HTF. So that's not pricey at all. I'd say get what you can in Infernos before they become HTF at that price like the Forestas and TanPG.