Is this a good price

  1. Ok. I found a Carly demi in camel for 160? What do you guys think? I just got my Carly large khaki/gold today and well it's huge!!! Honestly, it's a tote bag its so big, I'm trying to determine if after all the hustle it took to get it if I should return it. But the real question is $160 for a camel demi?
  2. Oh wow I adore my large denim Carly and am actually thinking of a new Large Carly at PCE. I'm a larger person though so maybe that's why I love it so much.

    Now $160 for the Demi, it's an okay price. There is one ending on eBay now in chocoloate for around that. I don't think it's a steal but it's better than retail.
  3. It's from the outlet. Apparently it's a return. Honestly, the outlet may have a large carly khaki/gold in a few days. If I can't make up my mind. Ok now over to handbaglvr's most anticipated post in the history of time.
  4. i think its a good price, because its the regular price $218 or $228. Whichever $160 beats that to me. I say get it.
  5. What about the medium carly???