Is this a good idea for my pochette Azur?

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  1. This morning my pochette Azur is just arrived.:heart: I think, I can wear this nice piece with the shoulder strap of my Roxy. What do you think about that, ladies? :tdown::tup:
    Thank you!
  2. yes I think you could! Why not! Pics please xx
  3. sorry, here comes the pics!

    Attached Files:

  4. Yeah that looks fine. :tup: Good idea btw! :idea:

    Plus you have just given me another reason for wanting a Roxbury Drive ! :yes:
  5. that looks very good! :yes:
  6. it does look :tup: do post some modelling pics for us :smile:
  7. it looks great
  8. The Roxy is the most variable bag for me! I wear it as a hand bag, with the short shoulder strap and also with the long strap from my Alma (as a body cross bag!). The vernis leather with the sportiv long strap looks very good. I think, that's a great "sportiv touch" for the Roxy!:yes:
  9. Thank you Pia - but i'm really not the right for modeling pics, a'm an "older Lady".:crybaby:
  10. It looks wonderful with the long strap.:tup:
  11. Great idea!
  12. absolutely, its a great idea! i love the bags that have removabla straps like that you can use on other bags.
  13. That looks cute ! :yes:
  14. That looks great! And a lot easier to wear, I bet.
  15. Looks good to me!
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