is this a good idea? can i do it?!

  1. I was thinking...I need to kind of get a handle on my spending! My boyfriend is buying me a large Carly for Christmas (khaki/black), and I was you think I could pretty much use it all year and just change the decorations on it with the seasons? Get a few keyfobs/charms/scarves and "modify" the bag to fit the occasion?

    Has anyone done this before? I want to get the penguin keyfob for it for winter, but i'm thinking maybe a patchwork flower or watermelon or something for spring, and then see what they come out with in the summer?

    Can I do this without losing my willpower? I really don't NEED a ton of bags, and i'm only a college student...I want to break the ones I have in before accumulating an impressive collection!

    Motivation to stay on track!? Pictures of your bags with "seasonal" decorations?
  2. I totally think so.. I am not a big bag changer so I don't change my bags with the seasons.. that being said, I am usually selling/returning one to get another one :graucho: But I think the Carly would be great year round, and your idea of the charms is a great one!!!! :tup:
  3. Yea, You can try that!!! It's useless to buy a bunch of coach bags, some might fade like the black color ones. I think you can do the accessory idea!!! But for me, even a bag and accesory is useless. Try keeping control of your habit. The purse forum influences alot of people in their purchases. maybe you need a rest from the site and focus on college. Try saving up some money, to me seeing the bank account money numbers rise up makes me happier than having a bunch of coach bags that I would get bored with within a month.
  4. I think it's a great idea. I'm selling one of my unloved Coach bags (the Ergo tote) on eBay because I see now that it was more an impulse buy than anything. I think I've worn it only 3 times since I bought's chocolate and I wear more black clothing than anything else...I wish I would have just stopped and thought about it before plunking down $300+ on a bag.

    So I think it's an AWESOME idea to just change a charm or keyfob to go with the seasons...your bank account will thank you.
  5. I totally agree :yes: I am really bad at this, and it is SO easy to get into it all and overspend. I think you will LOVE your Carly though, and then you can really get your schooling done!!! :graucho:
  6. See i'm terrible because I want ALL the bags....haha...but if I get my elusive Hermes Lindy I will stop buying bags unless the Hermes God drops a Birkin in my lap. Then maybe I will rethink.

    Also, instead of just keyfobs and charms, get a few little scarves and twillys to tie through one of the loops on your Carly. They are much more reasonable and brighten ANYTHING up, plus you can take them off and wear them in your hair!
  7. personally, i m using my black carly all winter and into spring, but it is all black. ourwinter is too slushy for khaki
  8. I think it's a great idea!! Congrats to you for getting a handle on this obsession we all share. I purchased my large khaki/saddle Carly in June with the intentions of using her during the Fall/Winter. I couldn't wait and have carried her ever since. I didn't want to put her up! I just switched bags last night because my LV came:drool:
  9. Its a great idea. The carly will look great throughout the year and accessorizing one bag is a good way to save money yet have a different look.
  10. Aw, that poor Ergo! It's better for it to go to a loving home, though.

    I just don't want to amass such a collection of bags that I feel guilty for not using them long enough. Bags are meant to be USED, and Coach products are so durable and fabulous, i'm just trying to get into the mind set that one bag a year is enough.

    Thanks for the encouragement :flowers:
  11. I have a ton of bags. Way more than I'll ever admit. I find it really hard to this day to change bags super often. The bags aren't going anywhere. You can wait until you are financially stable... Or at least until u get your tax return. If you need any help, PM me. I've been known to be a bit of a purse dream crusher. I'll make sure you keep your eyes on the prize!
  12. Sounds like a good idea. It's something I want to start to try. All I wanted was bags at first and I wasn't interested in accessories at all. Now I feel like changing it up with the accessories could be fun too.

    The only problem I would have is I definetly need different sized bags. One Large, one medium and one small. I wouldn't want to have to take my Large Carly with me everywhere. It's just too big for some occasions.
  13. I already have a Sig Stripe Tote and a Medium Ergo Hobo, so i'm pretty set as far as size goes. I guess i'm trying to stick with what I have and just "freshen" the bags up every few months with new charms!

  14. I think that sounds like a wonderful idea! Sometimes I start wishing I had tons of bags like some of you ladies, but then I realize that if I had too many I wouldn't use most of them and then it would just be a waste. A waste of money AND a waste of beautiful bags. I think different sizes and different colors are good, but after that, how many do you really need? And if you change the charms and such, it will give your bag a new look. Great idea!!!
  15. I think this is a great idea and you've chosen a very versatile can be worn with anything, look casual or dressed up, has a zipper top to keep things's a great choice.

    I agree about not getting too many bags...when that happens to me, I feel overwhelmed and end up not enjoying what I have. Good luck!