Is this a good deal?

  1. This is the strangest thing ever: I live in a very small podunk town of 1500 people and this seller is from my hometown! I swear to phreaking God I have never ever seen anyone in this entire town with any high end handbags let alone a LV! To give you an idea of how small my town is, I am on one end of town and if I walk 1.5 miles along the main road (there is only one main road) I will reach the edge of town! This town is so small we have just one market, our post office closes at lunch, everyone knows everyone. I need to find out who this LV fan in podunk Bingham, Maine is!!
  2. ^You should send her a msg and ask if you can pick it up! Hehehe...I would!
  3. I did send her a message. She didn't have a bag I wanted right now but you never know if she might in the future. I'm going to be on the lookout for someone carrying a LV everywhere I go this week...hahaha. I tell you, this is a podunk, country bumpkin kind of town and the only person I know that likes nice things is our new postmaster (she's from out of town) and her idea of a high end bag is Dooney & Burke or Coach -- I tell you, I have never seen anyone who might carry a LV. Apparently I was wrong. I hope she emails me back!
  4. Hi Divabeadz...I am following this too...LOL, that is wild isn't it. In your town of all places. I looked at some of her back auctions and she sells LV and Longaberger pretty cheap!! Almost giving it away sometimes.

    Have you heard anything?
  5. No, not yet. I've been checking my email obsessively. I've been wracking my brain trying to picture who in this town it could be. I can't think of a soul! I'll keep you posted.
  6. You will never believe this! I got an email back from the seller and even though I don't know her, she knows who I am! She emailed me back and said: I think I see you at the post office often, do you drive a red Mustang?

    She said she is usually there with her children: a boy and a girl. Honestly, I have got to learn to pay better attention to my surroundings! She clearly knows me well enough to know what I drive and I can't for the life of me recall having seen a woman with 2 children at the post office regularly enough for her to piece 2 and 2 together. She said she is at work now and will email later -- I am so excited to know that there is another LV fan in town!

    A strange, random coincidence!
  7. ^I can't believe this! How exciting! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you...
  8. Is this real, I have never seen this?
  9. Yep, the style is definitely real...and the one in the auction looks good too.
    I think they made the bucket, alma, papillon and...? I don't know what other styles there are.
    Let-trade has the satin bucket on his site for around...$400 I think.
  10. Waiting for the next I don't think you are paying attention to your surroundings...WAKE UP!!! LOL.

    Another funny Maine story...I was at TJMAXX & More this weekend and a lady walks up to me with her three teen daughters and tells me she really likes my bag (Mono Speedy 30) and she can tell that I obviously didn't get it around "here". Where did I get it...Well, I explained that it's a Louis Vuitton and the closest store was Boston and she wanted to know where in Boston so I gave her directions... They were down from Quebec on a weekend shopping trip. It was kinda fun educating a "newbie" to LV.