Is this a good deal?

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  1. Hi all! :flowers: I found a seller on ebay who was willing to accept my offer of 350 dollars for a NWT Legacy Hippie Flap Bag in Whiskey... Your thoughts on this??

    :blush: Thanks in advance from the newbie!
  2. Is it this bag? [​IMG]
  3. yes that's exactly it!!!
  4. Thanks Ash, I think I probably made the wrong move... I already offered the highest I was going to go...which was 350... Do you think it would be horrible of me to retract my offer? I didn't bid or anything.... Sigh....
  5. You can retract your offer, why not! Just tell them you bid on another one and won.
  6. Thanks Ash :flowers:
  7. Your welcome! Let me know what happens and post pics! :smile: