Is this a good deal??

  1. the picture didn't load??
  2. [​IMG]

    is that it?>
  3. I would say so.. and it's a cute bag too! :tup:
  4. This one is cute too!

  5. I should probably authenticate, it looks like the drilldown. Man. This is killing me.
  6. That seller is a good seller...I am positive that bag is authentic.
  7. I like the white shiny fabric but it looks like a dirt magnet. I would fret about getting it dirty all of the time if it were mine. The brown leather w/purple trim is much more practical and very cute!
  8. that's actually gold nylon with the purple trim (I have the matching skinny)

    I remember seeing these in the outlets a year or so ago...very cute, going for like $80 at the time...but just too small for me. (unless there are two sizes of this and I was looking at the smaller one! lol)
  9. The nylon is a dirt magnet. I wouldn't use it for everyday although it is a beauty!!