Is this a good deal??

  1. I saw this cute lil coach purse on eBay she says she will take $150 + $10.00 shipping

    is this a good deal for this bag I have never seen it before and I need something small to take around when I go to places I dont want to bring my normal purse.

    100% Authentic. Brand new with the original tags.

    Made of water & stain resistant Signature Jacquard
    Accented with Pink Genuine Snakeskin
    Features polished nickel hardware
    Includes SOHO buckle with rhinestone accents
    Features a coordinating satin bow tie on back
    Magnetic Snap Closure under SOHO buckle
    Lined with lavender fabric
    One interior zippered pocket with leather pull
    Purses strap measures 17 inches with a 6 1/2 inch drop
    Approx. 9 (L) X 4 1/2 (H) X 1 1/2 (W)

    • Coach Style #5160




  2. and by the way it is originally $328

  3. I think it's very cute! If the seller is reputable, and you love it, I say go for it!
  4. What is the + sign on the creed? That must mean final sale or something.. find out first! :yes:
    That bow on the back is so cute! :yes:

  5. she says all sales are final..
  6. very cute :smile:
  7. If it's a Coach final sale, it means you can't get it serviced by Coach if something happens to it. I would find out about that plus sign...

  8. where is that plus sign at I dont see it??
  9. is it on the pink coach creed inside the purse???? this thing...

  10. the +sign on the creed means this coach clutch was bought at outlet. it's very cute, go for it, you're getting all pink today, congrats
  11. Wow you guys are good. I would have never noticed that. Its on the upper left hand corner of the creed patch. Good thing I dont buy Coach on eBay - Id probably be ripped off left and right!
  12. so should I do it or is $160 total too much for it???? how much do you think she paid for it??
  13. The bullseye is the outlet stamp. I believe the + means it was purchased at TJMaxx or a similar store. Someone else posted that awhile ago in another thread...since the search function isn't available, I can't direct you to who said it or where they said it. I don't know if it means Final Sale through Coach.

    I think TJMaxx prices are usually not much less than half price, unless it was on clearance, so I would think $160 wouldn't be too bad of a price. The real question, is it worth $160 to you?? I personally wouldn't use it enough to justify paying that much. But it is cute!!
  14. No a bullseye means it was bought at the outlet, a + sign most likely means final sale although I have heard of FS stamps meaning Final Sale and ES stamps meaning Employee Sale.. haven't heard of the + stamp but it must mean something. I would call JAX and make sure a bag can be repaired if it has a + sign on the creed. :tup:
  15. Yes, that is what I am talking about :okay: