Is this a good deal?

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  1. I want to find an evening bag to use for Christmas and New Years, however all the ones i like (ie Zoe) are a bit too expensive for a bag i'll use only a few times a year. So i've been looking on ebay, and i found this:

    Is that a good deal? Would it be able do you think to fit a miniskinny (for my money) and then a few beauty essentials, like lipstick and powder, along with a cell phone? (i have the motorola razr).

    If not, please help me find a suitable evening bag! I don't want black, and i want it to be metallic or scarf print.
  2. I think that is REALLY's more like a coin purse if I remember correctly. (it comes with a key ring attached...meaning more along the lines of a medium sized skinny)

    I bought a striped Zoe earlier this year off ebay...paid $125 for it I think...I've only used it once or twice...but I'm sure I'll whip it out for the holidays again.


    check this auction, it lists the measurements for this item

    Approx. 4 3/4 (L) x 3 3/4 (H) x 1 1/2 (W)
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Love it, but a little pricey!

    I guess i'll continue searching on ebay. I wish we had an outlet here!!
  4. im looking for the same thing. i think im leaning toward the madison lurex turnlock wristlet. its like the chelsea turnlock wristlet but in metallic lurex. it's not on the coach website anymore but i saw it at macys. its $98.
  5. ^^yep, that one's my fave!
  6. i would probably go for a framed wristlet. you can get them at the outlets for like, $50...and have a lot more room. plus, we have the new lurex framed wrislets in gold, silver, and black for only $55.20. :smile: they're preeettttyyyy.
  7. i would but we dont have an outlet here in canada :sad:
  8. yeah i was thinking about that one.
    i could of sworn i saw it before for $49, unless that was something else.

    i'd love one with the top handle.
    i know they made some that look like the zoe but with a handle on top, but i dont even see one on ebay! any idea how much those are going for anyone??
  9. ^^ Oh my gosh, you're so lucky!!
    The coupon was valid on Coach??!!
  10. YES! even the sa was amazed.
  11. Was it F&F? or something else?

    (Sorry Eviekinz for going so off-topic!)