Is This a Good Deal???

  1. I think so! Congrats! Yellow Epi is such a pretty color!
  2. Thanks!!! I really hope so :yes:... I have a tendency to pay too much for the pre-owned items I purchase... :wtf:

    aND YES... i REALLY LOVE THAT COLOR, ESP. WITH THE CONTRASTING PURPLE... oops... just noticed I had the caps locked... sorry :sad:
  3. Definitely! Congrats! It looks so pretty.. :tup:
  4. Lol I can feel your excitements
    it's such a pretty color...congrats!!!
  5. yes, I also love the colour and the purple lining is TDF, congrats
  6. Thanks all... I am relieved... and very excited...
  7. I think it is a good deal!! Condition like new! Nice colour too! :tup:
  8. Congrats, nice color :smile:
  9. Nice deal!! Congrats ;)
  10. Great Deal it is beautiful.
  11. I love it and jaimemc is a great seller
  12. Definetly a great deal...I just love the lining on the Yellow Epi!!!!
  13. I now have her saved as a favorite seller... I have noticed she has sold many discontinued items or colors of items that are in nearly new condition... they are really kept well... better than some sellers I have bought from. I can't wait to get it...

    Thanks all for your replies... Like I mentioned before, I have a tendency to overpay for pre-owned items and just wasn't sure if I did it again...

    HUGS to all of you...
  14. I noticed that she sold many limited edition in pretty good condition, I have also jaimemc as a favorite seller