Is this a good deal?

  1. Hey girls....I am looking at buying a light blue MJ Sophia for $370.00. It was onlt been carried a couple times and is flawless. Is that a pretty good deal? Not sure if I should go for it.
  2. I think for a Sophia with a like new condition, that price is really good. If you could post pictures, we can judge better. :yes:
  3. IMO it's not a bad price, but I've definitely seen cheaper ones. I purchased my new white Sophia for around $270 on eBay.
  4. I think it's a good price for an authentic near new Sophia. I've seen them sell for less too, but sometimes price depends on color. If it's a popular color, than it's def worth the price.
  5. I bought my violet (right thithi!!??) sophia on eBay last fall and paid around $230.00 for it...It was pristine- like new..I was lucky!!hmm..may wear that tommorrow!!:p
  6. Hi Emmy! yes, she's violet! Love that bag... I need to wear my orchid(eBay $300) out sometime soon too!
  7. Yeah....I'm not 100% on it so I'm gonna keep looking. It doesn't give me butterflys like my pink MP :p
  8. ^ Then definitely pass.. if you're going to lay down any money for a bag, it definitely has to make your pulse quicken.
  9. Ohh *total drool*... orchid is TDF!!

    And I agree with the other ladies... get the bag if you find it the most beautiful thing ever, not just because it's a good deal. I am sure one will come along and have you completely falling head over heals!!
  10. the price is good!!
  11. A light blue Sophia is my dream purse. :crybaby:
  12. GREAT deal...go get it girl!!