Is this a good deal...

  1. for a not-very-popular MJ bag? It's the MJ softbox bag...:confused1:

    I got this today for $400 in brown and I am not sure about it anymore. I have searched and searched the forum to see if anyone has it, but have only found it mentioned or listed in the reference library.

    I just wonder if I should use the money towards another more classic MJ bag. I have never owned an MJ bag before and do want to carry one every since receiving the ZC as a gift.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! :yes:
  2. [​IMG]

    Ooops! Forgot to post pic! The one I got is in brown.
  3. It's a cute bag. If you are not feeling it so much..maybe wait and purchase a more popular one later?
  4. i love that bag!
    (can you sell it on pf if you dont want it? :biggrin:)
  5. It's only a good deal if you love it and will use it otherwise sell it and get something you really like
  6. I think $400 is a really good deal for that bag! But of course, I would feel like I was wasting my money if I didn't like the bag or having second thought about it. Maybe keep for another week and see how you feel. If you're still not sure, it means that bag is not meant to be.
  7. i think it is beautiful!
  8. Thanks for all your input! I think I will shop around today, to see if I can find out more of the different MJ styles and leathers and actually carry them in the store to see how I feel. It may have too much gold for me...
  9. I like it..CONGRATS!!!
  10. cute bag!!!! and a great deal too
  11. I like it too! Congrats on a great deal!
  12. I think that bag is so pretty! you have to keep it!! :yes: