is this a good deal? quick...

  1. a cream with gold hardware baby paddy for 900+tax? nwt. does gold hardware chip like the black does?

    also is 999 a good deal for a reg size navy paddy with silver hardware?
  2. If you go to they are selling the bleu nuit with silver hardware for $813.00 plus shipping to the US.
  3. I forgot to add, has that baby creme paddy with gold hardware for 534.00 Euros plus about 50 for shipping. You'll have to pay about 10% customs fees for a total of about US$830.00. Most gold padlocks are prone to chipping, it's just part of owning a paddington unless you get the one with the silver hardware.
  4. Eucalyptic, Have you purchased from them before? There stuff is very cute.
  5. ditto has anyone ordered from there before? do you get charged anything in taxes/duties? if so how much?
  6. I have purchased from neither store but some people from the forum have. I think you are charged about 10% for taxes. I was thinking of getting a paddy from before I instituted my ban and was emailing them and they very quickly replied to me. You can check the threads on luisaviaroma charges, just do a search for them.
  7. Ooh! I want it. How long will that deal last?
  8. I think the locks all chip, if you do a search I think there is a thread that mentions the gold hardware chipping.

    $999.00 for regular navy paddy with silver hardware! Perhaps I can't find the deals that most of the forum can but I certainly consider it a good deal! Especially if it includes shipping and no taxes. :graucho:
  9. I've been looking for several days on louisaviaroma and they only have the baby paddy in jade color, the cream is not available :sad: I don't know if the prices are different for Europe and Usa but the jade one is on sale for 641€ which is still a great deal

  10. I cant seem to find that baby cream paddy. All i found was this jade one for 641 euros ::: shopping on line
  11. Lol sorry choupi i just saw we wrote the same thing!
  12. There's a blue nuit 05 paddy w/ gold hardware on eBay right now (uber RARE).... I think starting bid is 775 and it's in the US. The auction is in the post authentic eBay finds in the chloe shopping subforum - its def. authentic!
  13. Everyone needs a bleu nuit! :graucho:
  14. ^ :heart: that bag!

    The person who is bidding on that bag is totally crazy! Buy-it-now was only $800!

    Is the bag on diabro really bleu nuit??? The one they've described as navy? They've got the metallic down as bleu nuit.