is this a good deal on a Carly?

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  1. That's a good deal on that carly. I paid mine in Dillards for $200 after discounts.
  2. that is a very good deal CARLY's are harder to find. You should have it Authenticated before you do anything.,
  3. and note that it's the slim carly, not the regular
    still, a good price
  4. I do find the shipping to be a little steep.....
  5. That is a good price, but keep in mind that it's a SLIM Carly. Shipping is alot, but the bag is in Canada. Also, keep in mind that the signature Carlys have a fraying problem. I would go for a leather one.
  6. I agree with so many other posts here...

    It's a good deal, especially with Carly getting harder to find. You should definitely have her authenticated first though, before placing any bids. I'd also probably ask for more pictures since there are only 2 in the listing.
    Also, make sure that you are aware of the fraying problems associated with the non-leather Carly.
  7. I agree with the other ladies, but if you want this Carly please do ask fore pictures and then post in the "Authenticate this Coach" thread before you bid, there are a lot of fake siggy Carlys out there. Personally I love the leather Carlys, but go with what you love.
  8. Its a pretty good deal, but it is a slim carly and not the regular carly.