Is this a good deal for vintage?

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  1. This is a vintage Boite Bouteilles case that was already authenticated by TPF (thank you!!) -
    in your opinion, do you think that $1300 is a good price for it, if I can negotiate with the seller?

    Please see my thread (below) where I posted pics + i'm attaching a few; seller said there are no scents, but the fact that it's vintage, it does have a faint scent of a skincare product, but nothing overpowering. Also, there is a return option if i'm not happy/product is not as stated. HELP - this is a big decision, I appreciate any advice.

    Original thread:[

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  2. yes it can
  3. Hello! I am new to PF and this is my first post. I have a question about a price on a bag. I really want to get a Speedy 55 with a shoulder strap for traveling, but I don't know if the one I have found is a good price. In a vintage boutique that specializes in bags, I found the Speedy 55 with shoulder strap, with light wear for $1017 USD (6495 Swedish kronor). Is this a reasonable price (maybe it is a bit higher than in the US or somewhere else because of tax here in Sweden..)? I am having a hard time determining what a good price is since on eBay most look fake- too cheap!. I would really appreciate any feedback :smile:
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum, great choice but, there is no such thing as a speedy 55, there is a Keepall 55 which is what I believe you are referring to. I assume that this is a monogram keepall and the interior as well as exterior is in good condition?

    Have you spoken with LV to see how much this item is in Sweden? I know that a new Keepall bandouliere 55 in Europe is €1,160 which I believe is 10268.77 Swedish kronor which is a bit of a hike from the pre loved version.

    If your happy with the price and the site selling it then go for it. If it is on a website then you maybe want to have it authenticated before you proceed.
  5. Unfortunately it's impossible to tell you whether it's a reasonable price without seeing the item. Equally what person A thinks is reasonable, person B will think is cheap and person C will think is too expensive!

    If you look on ebay at the COMPLETED SOLD listings then this is the most expensive (4 years old):

    And this would appear to the the cheapest (it is 24 years old):

    I excluded the very cheapest as there were rivets missing and damage to the canvas.

    So you will need to compare your find to the market value.

    Hope that helps.
  6. WOW that is gorgeous. I can't tell the size of it, I have seen their trunks go for thousands, but they are like large storage trunks. If the seller will let you return it then you don't have anything to lose by ordering it. You can get it, check it out, smell it, and if you don't like it, get your $ back.
  7. Wow! It is beautiful! Grats if you bought it!