Is this a good deal for CB Papillon??

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  1. eBay: 100% Authentic Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Papillon LN (item 130053426596 end time Nov-29-06 14:09:15 PST)

    Do you think this a good deal or it's a fair price for a CB papillon? I like the placement of cherry blossom (in the top flap where there are 3 cherry blossom in a row) but there is a big water stain in the front of the bag..& there are some pen marks. Do you think the water stain is a big deal in this case? What is a fair price for a use CB Papillon? Does this look authentic?

    What about this auction?? I notice it has been on ebay for a few days & yet no one buys it yet. It seems like a good deal, but I wonder why it has been on ebay for so long then.>>>>> eBay: LOUIS VUITTON CHERRY BLOSSOM PAPILLON HANDBAG!!!! (item 150063599054 end time Nov-29-06 17:56:40 PST) Thanks!

    Does this look authentic?? Which one will you pick? thanks
  2. It's a good price but the waterspot would bug me like crazy.

    As for the second one, I'd definitely buy it if the seller were a reputable LV seller and/or if she had really good, detailed pics.
  3. For the first one, I don't think it is a good price with that huge water spot on the bow. IMHO, I think that brings down the resale value.

    For the second one, it looks good but I don't know this bag well enough to determine it's authenticity.
  4. When the leather darken, will the water mark be less noticable?
  5. Judging from the severity of the might fade a *little* but I don't think it will look much better than the condition it's in now.
    Who knows! Baby wipes may help...try Apple Leather Care, maybe?

    Poor papillon bow :crybaby:
  6. Karman: Thanks! I haven't try baby wipes before or Apple leather care stuff. I have heard it's quite expensive to order Appleguard stuff in Canada though. Yes...poor papillon bow..:roflmfao: Too bad the waterspot is very dark.
  7. Not really!
    I ordered mine here:

    Day-Timer - Shop the Day-Timer Store: Product Information+++++++++++++

    I think...after shipping and tax, (I bought the spray and this conditioner) it came to around $22.
  8. Hey, Karman..thanks for the link!! I always thought it will be more expensive than $22!!!
  9. Hey, Karman..thanks for the link!! I always thought it will be more expensive than $22!!! :nuts:
  10. No and No, I would by neither. I would only buy from reputable reseller or somebody I know personally who has it. Way too much junk out there for my taste now. People who have no idea what they are buying or selling trying to make trades on Ebay leave too many people getting ripped off or screwed over...JMHO
  11. No problem. ;) They have FAST shipping too!
  12. The first one is a little too high for the condition...should be closer to $700. Poor purse....owner needed a pen holder!

    the second one: Can't determine authenticity for those pics. I would stay away!
  13. I agree that water spot is pretty bad, might or might be able to even it out, quit a gamble.

    The second one def not enough pics to decide.
  14. Just curious! For the first one, can you ask LV to replace the leather in just the bow area?
  15. Possibly, but I can't imagine it to be anything under $100.
    For that extra $100, you could probably find one in good condition without water spots or pen marks. I think pen marks on inside lining is just as bad as water spotted vachetta.