Is this a good deal for a Bag Shoulder Bag (Messenger Style)?

  1. Hey Girls,

    I am interested in a Chloe Bay Shoulder (Messenger Style) Bag. I originally loved in the Camel color and I see that there is one a Sabine's Boutique for $1225.00. I was curious if that was a good deal. Not sure if this color will take me through all seasons? Thoughts? Also thinking of black in it too, but want the larger size not the smaller size NM's has now.

    Also, are they coming out with new colors in the fall for this bag too? Do you think it will eventually be on sale elsewhere?

  2. All questions answered by Sabinne herself! Thanks Sabinne!
  3. A couple of days ago I bought a Bay messenger bag in Moka from Bluefly for $883.20 plus postage. :tup:

    The Camel is gorgeous though! :smile: