Is this a good choice?

  1. I went into the outlet Monday night for a little pick me up and guess what I saw that was interesting?:p

    1. Large Black Leather Carly (don't have the money)
    2. Large Cream Braided Book Tote with pockets on the side (proper name?) 20% off sales price
    3. Cream Leather Ali (to die for...don't have the money)
    4. Mia Soho Braided Vintage Leather Satchel (can't get off my mind) 20% off sales price

    I was going to pick up the Book tote last night but I didn't feel like going up there but I call and it's still on hold for me so I will be going tonight.

    What do you think?
  2. Geesh, they'd all be great! I personally want a book tote but the Mia is gorgeous too! Depends on what you need more, a tote or satchel and if you can use the color in your wardrobe. The cream book tote would be beautiful though!
  3. I love that tote - the braiding gets me every time. The only thing I would hesitate over is the color (yet, I went and bought a parchment Carly, so what the heck do I know).

    I also like the vintage satchel, though unlike the legacy leather, it seems that when that scratches, it doesn't rub out as much.

    Were the Carly and Ali discounted much/at all? I saw a white ali at the outlet in Lancaster, PA a couple weeks ago and walked around with it for a bit - it was the first time I liked the style, but I was hung up on the color (and price, this was only about $40 less than retail).
  4. tlloveshim...the mia is gorgeous (my needs are not my concern now:nuts: ) i've gone coach crazy with buying the things I want. I hope I don't end up in the poor house ;) pm me and talk some sense into me if you can:biggrin: ...I do love the cream tote.

    willowsmom....thanx for pointing out the fact that the scratches don't rub out easily. (I won't buy at this time!) Neither the Carly/Ali was discounted at all.
  5. Well, you know that you should skip the Carly/Ali then if they aren't discounted and it's out of your budget. And the scratches on the mia vintage leather would bug me. I was thinking about the book tote in that vintage leather but not now. Yeah, if you WANT a bag, I'd go for the cream tote. Then if you don't want it anymore, you can send her my way! LOL!

    Oh, am I supposed to be talking you out of buying something? I'm not doing a very good job, am I? ;)
  6. LOL! it seems that I have talked you out of a bag.
  7. Yeah, be careful of that vintage leather. We had a braided book tote, and a couple braided hobos in that leather at the outlet I used to work for. They were all scratched up and didn't look good at all. We discounted them heavily but they were still awful. Which is too bad because I love the look of the vintage leather stuff.
  8. Did they have more than one cream leather Ali or was it a return?
  9. That is the worst thing about the vintage leather 0 the scratching.

    OK, I wish they would discount returns a little bit more at the outlet (meaning that Ali and the Carly). There just isn't enough incentive to buy with a little discount like that.
  10. The Ali was a return from the full price store....noshoeolish, a bigger discount would be a great incentive to buy:smile: