Is this a good choice for City steamer?

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  1. Am planning to buy a City streamer MM bag. Am yet to see the size in person. I was in a dilemma between city streamer and Capucines how ever feel Capucines is bit dressier hope you guys agree with me. The bag will not be my work bag and I have quite a few bags in monogram and neutral colors such as black, tan etc. So am planning to get this beautiful combination. Will this be too colorful? Do any of you hold this bag? I don't have an option to see this bag in stores, i will be ordering it. Any advise and feedback will be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. its not for me in that pattern. I prefer the City Steamer in a plain leather, but thats me. If you love it then go for it. I don't think its too colourful.
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  3. I think it’s gorgeous! I have the one that’s similar. It is beautifully made, and can be dressed up or down. I’m partial to City Steamers, however! Post pictures if you get it in the CS Club thread as well.

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  4. I prefer the City Steamer in a neutral colour but that is my taste in general. One thing to know about the bag is I find the mm size quite heavy.
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  5. I absolutely love the City Steamer. So beautifully crafted. I like this design a lot and think it will look even more amazing in the flesh. The pattern is really unique and could be matched up with a lot of colors or contrasting patterns.
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  6. I love the city steamer and recently got it in the MM size. It’s truly a great bag. I actually love the one you’re looking into and think it will work well as a good neutral. Let us know what you decide.
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  7. I love this one and am trying to track down one for myself! I didn't think i would like it from the website but then I saw it in person at the LV boutique at Bon Marche in Paris and thought, wow. But it's listed as "indisponsible" on the site so I might have to do some sleuthing to get one.
  8. It’s perfect for Arlecchino.
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  9. prefer a neutral color here as well
  10. Yes I will also have to pre order this and wait. I just saw that it is available in couple of stores in France. Hope you can track it down...!!!
  11. Wow it is lovely. If possible could you post some mod shots for this?
  12. I would tire of that pattern over time. There are several beautiful color combinations in the MM. Personally I would stay with one of those. But if you love it that's what matters!
  13. Thank you! ❤️ I’ll take some mods shots. Haven’t been using this in awhile during our nasty winter weather!
  14. I prefer a regular city steamer. I would be less tired of the pattern over time and remain a classic
  15. I've heard the bag is heavy, but that's a subjective term...could any of you who have it (MM size) give some more heavy...comparison? For example, as heavy as or heavier than a Birkin 35 in Togo? Ditto for a Celine luggage bag? When I was buying my Trevi PM years ago, people also said it was heavy but I've never felt that way...thanks!
    Of course this could all be moot if it doesn't become available again in this pattern...