Is this a good buy?

  1. Hello everyone. I don't know much about Chanel, but could you experts tell me if $2750 is a good price for a brand new black jumbo classic with caviar leather and a bijoux chain? :shrugs: TIA
  2. umm...Since they don't go on sale, I'd say anything below retail is good, but that's just MHO. I'm not sure what they retail for though. Did you see any in the reference library? They tend to post prices there too. Hopefully someone in the know will be able to tell you.
  3. the jumbo with bijoux chain retailed for $2250. you can definitely get it at a better price.
  4. how do you say "bijoux"? bee-jou? or bi-ju

    when I order a bag I want that chain as well. will they know what Im talking about?
  5. It's French, so more like bee-sjou.
    But I'm sure they will understand you if you tell them that you want the new chain without the interwoven leather.
  6. Well, they don't go on sale... I thought retail was $26something?? I'd only pay retail, not anything above.
  7. I just bought one medium (brand new with tag)from eBay for $2900. I know it way above retail, but its a red color that I wanted badly. I think its worth it. Its really up to you.
  8. these bags never go on sale so anything under retail & brand new is a very good value imo
  9. It depends whether you can get it at your location and how much taxes you have to pay locally. I think its a good deal if you can't get it and you really love the bag.
  10. I actually just bought this from the chanel boutique (black jumbo lambskin bijoux) & it was $2650. If you know where to get it for $2250 pls let me know!!
  11. i thought jumbos cost more than 2250? cause i know mediums already cost like...2450?
  12. i'd like to know too