Is this a genuine Tod's

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  1. I would like to know if this bag is a genuine Tod's. it is red pebble leather and in excellent condition. It has a soft red suede lining also in excellent condition. The zipper pull is leather and stamped T. The zippers are metal. The stitching is even and in excellent condition. The handles are stitched both sides. it has a drawstring.I can't post a picture because the file is too large to upload. Many many thanks!
  2. You need to post pics of the bag. You can reduce the size of the file to web page size.

  3. Suede interior? TODS doesn't have suede interior. Are the zippers ALL metal? If it has a nylon zipper, I'm afraid the bag is a fake. I've only seen suede linings on fake TODS.

    Try and post your pictures on photobucket than transfer here.
    I will need to see pictures of the zippers, the back of the metal zipper should say Lampo, the zipper tab pulls should all be embossed and the TODS Made in Italy embossing and the Genuine Leather embossing.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.