Is this a freaking joke??

  1. :wtf:

    Wow, great price, don't let that one get away...
  2. That seller's crazy!!
  3. I love this line from her item description:

    Have what the celebs have but pay a fraction of the cost!!

    Yeah, right!!:nogood:
  4. One ugly bag.

    Looks like vinyl.
  5. Terrible.
  6. I saw this too! What are they thinking???
  7. What a Steal! LOL
  8. She must have put the decimal point in the wrong place. That price is absurd!
  9. Omg.....
  10. $2,500? :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  11. That's what I was thinking.... especially when right below that she mentions it retails for $995.
  12. The only logical explanation for this auction is, she put the price wrong.

    But I like the ilogical one that she's crazy!!:p
  13. You've gotta be effin kidding me!