Is this a Foley & Corinna RIP OFF?

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  2. the designer is not a new designer.. perhaps just similar styling?

    from the website:
    About Pietro Alessandro:
    Born out of a love for fine Italian leather and impeccable craftsmanship, Pietro Alessandro handbags offer a hip, one-of-a-kind feel. Designing handbags for over 20 years, owner Pierre Dabagh created the company with the fashion-conscious woman in mind. He adds excitement and energy to each bag by combining sophisticated textures with fine embellishments. From the shape, texture, and styling, Pierre has created a niche in the edgy, fashionable world of handbags.
  3. So many are copying that style. I love it but all of the knockoffs turn me off to it, so I haven't gotten one.
  4. i get compliments on mine all the time, it was a great purchase, but that print/color is just bizarre to me
  5. I love your bag, your pics inspired me to pic mine!:smile:

    I have one of the foldover totes in leather, I love it.
    Yes it is "inspired by foley and corinna, But the leather is soft and buttery and it smells so good, its well made too, I have it in mustard.