Is this a FIRST?

  1. the word "chloe" is upside down! is that it?
  2. It could be a quality controll issue, LOL.

    Imon I have the small version of this bag (front pocket Paddy) in the exact same color; olive/gold. It's stunning also it's a color seque is hardly seen.
  3. is it authentic??? have you authenticated it imon?

    The seller has tons of designer stuff but you never know....
  4. I went to toohaus to read the negatives on this seller. It bothers me that they never defended their alleged "wrong doings"?
  5. I thought it looked authentic until I saw the word Chloe upside down! I've never seen that before. I didn't go any further, just assumed it had to be fake. Interesting that they even gave you a close up of it!
  6. I guess, that's kinda what I thought but it doesn't seem like that could have gotten past quality control. Or did it?:nuts:
  7. I don't know if this bag is authentic. But, I recently bought a capsule tote from Saks and the "Chloe" on the lock was upside down. I do believe that the bag was authentic. It had the serial/date tag in the pocket and it had all the chloe tags. Unstuffed, the leather was so soft, that it didn't stand up straight. I took the leather strip off of the lock and put it back on in the correct position and it was okay. I sometimes wonder about quality control at some of these companies.....
  8. kiss - you manually removed it? Or did you take it to a shop? Those rivets don't hold the strip to the lock? I'm glad you could fix it so easily. But I see it as an editing problem. Anybody could miss something? It should looked a lot like my large front pocket Paddy.
  9. How unusual! :biggrin:

    It certainly doesn't look, obviously, fake, to me, from what I can see (but I'd want to see more pics).

    If it is authentic, maybe it would be worth something in the dim and distant future; like unperforated stamps?

    Having said that, maybe not, as people could remove their strips and turn them upside-down, intentionally! LOL!
  10. This bag was posted on the Authenticate This thread - to me, it looks good except for that upside down stamp. Funnily enough, it's the second bag with an upside down stamp - another was posted about a week ago - totally different bag, same problem!

    I assumed it was a quality control problem, as the bag looks ok...
  11. If they are authentic, makes me wonder where Chloe are having their bags manufactured, these days, that they don't know which way up/around the logo should be... :whistle:
  12. ^ LOL, maybe we're all wrong and it's actually an authentic "eolhc" bag. We're just all such snobs we thought it must be chloe.

    Meanwhile, the seller must pretty confident about authenticity - from the fact that she's put a big close-up of the heatstamp in her auction, she certainly doesn't seem to be hiding anyhing!
  13. I did it myself. The leather strip is held on to the lock with two tiny screws. I used a small screwdriver (from an eyeglass kit) and it worked fine!
  14. I love when woman think and use tools like a man!!!!!!!!!!!