Is this a fashion no-no??

  1. So .... Ill just show you guys with pics! I know its ok to wear a black dress with black tights, but is it ok to wear black tights with black patent heels ???? Id like to wear this tomorrow night but im not sure if its a fashion no-no and I cant figure if I like the look or not personally lol! Here you go! Btw, I have no idea why my dog thought this was fascinating and was watching me in the mirror! TIA:heart:
    DSC02309.JPG DSC02310.JPG DSC02311.JPG
  2. I think it looks good
  3. ^^ Thanks! Thats what I think too, but im not sure if Ive ever seen someone do that:p
  4. I think it looks great, too!
  5. Im getting reassured! :smile: I think ill wear it out tomorrow!
  6. i think it looks awesome!
  7. I wore a black skirt, black tights, and black patent shoes yesterday so I'm hoping it's not a fashion no-no! haha. Personally, I like the look so I'd say wear it!
  8. Ok its decided Im wearing this tomorrow night :p! If anyone else has an opinion, go on ahead!
  9. I like it because it looks a little unexpected.
  10. I like it! And your doggie is so cute too :yes:
  11. Looks good to me. I'm always wearing black, black, and black. I guess I wear too much black but I love to wear black.

    and btw, my dog always does that in pics too. It's like she has to be in there all the time in the pic.
  12. love it! goes well..
  13. glad you decided to go with it! it looks cute!
  14. looks great!
  15. haha, I was going to wear my black patent pigalles with tights today but changed my i'm regretting it. you look fab!