Is This a Fashion No No?

  1. Hi all,

    I just got back from Chicago. Not only did I find the Coach two blocks from my hotel, but I also found my eBay bag waiting for me when I arrived home!

    The eBay bag is this one but in khaki signature:

    In anticipation of the bag arrival, I bought the Soho mini wallet in khaki/chocolate. Only thing, the brown leather on the bag is lighter...not the light light tan but more a milk chocolate sort of color.

    Is it ok to use it together?? The sig matches, the leathers don't. Didn't know if there was a "rule" of any sort :biggrin:
  2. I don't know if any Coach lovers really follow those sort of fashion rules, lol! But I mix up my coach accessories all the time. Sometimes I'll have my khaki sig hb w/a black sig mini skinny.

    But I must say, it's always nice to have matching accessories...

    Okay, I just realized I'm not much help LOL!
  3. I bet they look great together. I use a brown wallet that doesn't match my whiskey bag but I think it still looks good with it.
  4. Oh good, that's great to hear! I love them both but didn't know if there were any hidden rules or anything. While I was able to get the bag on eBay, with all the faked wallets and the older style (color) of this bag, I doubt I could find a wallet to completely match anyway.

    Unless I did all leather but that wouldn't work either since that's the "problem" :smile: