Is this a fake?

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Dec 18, 2006
I have carried LV for many years and bought two in Paris. I know these bags. daughter is passionate about Balenciaga and I am addicted after previewing the bags from the last three years. She was born with classic good taste.

I made an impulse buy on eBay and h.o.p.e. it is authentic as described but I am wow'd with the info are experts.

eBay: authentic ** Le Dix Motorcycle Bag ** Balencaiga (item 170060768164 end time Dec-15-06 16:30:02 PST)

Pls lmk what you think so I can contact this seller if it is a fake.

And..I cannot live without a Twiggy, new or used. Blue preferred. Where can I buy an authentic piece? Thanks in advance for your help. I'm clueless but am hooked on these bags and will jump through the hoops to learn.

Your bags are smashing! I want one, too. :sad:
I can't make a good call on this one, not enough info, no good pictures of the vital parts (good tag pic, bales, etc), stitching looks a bit off, leather in first pic is just weird. I am doubtful. I'm going to say fake based on price alone. However, some of the girls on here may know this seller as a trustworthy seller so someone else chime in!

P.S. Just realized this should be moved to the "Authenticate this" thread
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