Is this a fake?

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  1. I have carried LV for many years and bought two in Paris. I know these bags. daughter is passionate about Balenciaga and I am addicted after previewing the bags from the last three years. She was born with classic good taste.

    I made an impulse buy on eBay and h.o.p.e. it is authentic as described but I am wow'd with the info are experts.

    eBay: authentic ** Le Dix Motorcycle Bag ** Balencaiga (item 170060768164 end time Dec-15-06 16:30:02 PST)

    Pls lmk what you think so I can contact this seller if it is a fake.

    And..I cannot live without a Twiggy, new or used. Blue preferred. Where can I buy an authentic piece? Thanks in advance for your help. I'm clueless but am hooked on these bags and will jump through the hoops to learn.

    Your bags are smashing! I want one, too. :sad:
  2. I can't make a good call on this one, not enough info, no good pictures of the vital parts (good tag pic, bales, etc), stitching looks a bit off, leather in first pic is just weird. I am doubtful. I'm going to say fake based on price alone. However, some of the girls on here may know this seller as a trustworthy seller so someone else chime in!

    P.S. Just realized this should be moved to the "Authenticate this" thread
  3. yeah you should ask on the authenticate this thread.. but my gut feeling is that it's fake, the leather looks all plasticky :wondering
  4. Thx _so_ much. Will take photos and post on the authentication thread. I hope I can get my $ refunded. Ugh, what a mess. Wish I had known all of you were here.
  5. Its FAKE.
  6. Fake
  7. Tres Faux.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.